The Infinite Wealth Trilogy: Part 2

TrilogySidebySideLookInsideTo continue on from my first post Infinite Wealth Trilogy : Now on Kindle, the second and third books in the trilogy continue to share the author’s journey from being a broke potter  to become a millionaire in 4 short years.

 LookInside-lg MOWThe second book in the series, The Mechanics of Wealth, walks you through how Paul Counsel created wealth in the real estate and share (stock) markets.

The book is loaded with information on spotting great buys, evaluating, negotiating, refurbishing, everything you need to get you thinking and started down your path.

The book does focus on the Australian real estate and share markets however, I didn’t find it troublesome to make the jump to the U.S. version of those markets.

He didn’t at first succeed in the shares (stock) market and yet, he stuck with until he made that adventure a success as well. (There is a lesson for us all just in that alone.)

If either of these strategies is of interest to you for creating wealth, I heartily recommend this book.  The Mechanics of Wealth will give you some great ideas and strategies for generating wealth and building your portfolio.

LookInside-lg EOWAnd last but most definitely not least, the third book in the series, The Essentials of Wealth, the third book in the series, gives you the tools you need to make wealth happen.  It gives you what you need to move forward by changing your thinking and your focus.

Included in this volume is an extensive recommended reading book list and I think this is great, too.  While you may be tempted to start with this volume, I urge you not to.

Each of the books build on each other and you do need to lay the necessary foundation or groundwork before moving on to the next steps.

In my case, I was tempted to skip from the 1st to the 3rd because I was pretty certain that the second book would not be of as appropriate to me. I didn’t do that however, and I’m so glad that I  read them in sequence.

These are quality books that Paul Counsel clearly took a great deal of care and time to author and I for one, am glad that he did. He is sharing his secrets of success for you to learn from so that you can create your own success story. I found them to be extremely thought provoking as well as inspirational and will no doubt read them again.

I clearly do have a vested interest in these books having been the publisher and while that is true, I nevertheless stand behind my recommendation. After all, I think this is an amazing value and opportunity to get first hand knowledge and years worth of a millionaire’s experience for a very small investment.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and will continue to. Here’s to you achieving your financial freedom!

In case you missed the first post on the Infinite Wealth Trilogy, you can catch up with it at the Infinite Wealth Trilogy: Now on Kindle.




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